22 Aug 2012


After being off sonar for a while, I needed a boost.

My publisher sprung the news that
 my novel SHARC is due out
on Kindle any day now.
This is the book trailer I made.
The purchase links to follow shortly for all versions of the book.

And special thanks to Mr JKub (Jacob Hess) in
allowing me to use his most excellent
track "Don't Panic Babe" as the
backing tune. Jacob you rock.
The novel is my outlook on the giant shark genre.
It has the possibility to be a movie.
It has the possibility to be huge success.
Please help me spread the word.

Life is too short and your health is precious.
I need this.
In the immortal words of the MCP... "End of Line".


  1. Is The Arc and Sharc the same book?

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