Ambitious, honest and compassionate, with a model's looks, Lauren Ramsey has become the queen of the global press corps. During the last year she has become as much of a tabloid darling as any of her famed subjects, after being accorded the mixed honor of being named one of People Magazine's Fifty Most Beautiful People.

Amongst the one hundred most Googled people on the web, right up there with Kim Kardashian, the beautiful leggy star answers what if feels like to be Lauren Ramsey.

Welcome Lauren. Tell us a little about your world.

My partner, Cole, is my pillar. He’s a rock star in a surfer’s body, an adrenaline junkie who is yet to hit the ultimate high. I guess that’s why we are still deeply in love.

I push myself to the limit. Life is too short to be sitting about and wondering what if. You feel the impulse to bungee jump from the Europabrucke Bridge in Austria? Hell, just strap in and jump. You want to climb Everest, you do that too! You want to sky dive from space? Then I’ll suggest a good health insurance policy.
I mean, what’s the worst that can happen if you live life to the max?
I want to be remembered as a high-flier and if that means there happens to be a little action and adventure along the way, then so be it.

Bring it on.

So you and Cole, an Indiana Jones type meets Lara Croft, who happens to fall in love?

Exactly, but without the need for leather whips, at least not yet!

Are you a romantic? What do you consider a perfect date?

I’m very much a romantic. I love a nice meal on the boulevard of my favourite restaurant, followed by a stroll along the beach, the sunset stretching across the horizon, a warm breeze encapsulating me in the moment. To me that’s romantic. Only, it’s not perfect.

Perfect would be fighting off brutish henchmen. Followed by a car chase, perhaps along the beach, the wind in my hair, the sand being ripped up by my beach buggy, culminating in a gun-fight on a derelict oil tanker, where I have to free some hostages from the clutches of an evil kingpin. And all before midnight comes. Some of us still have to be up early for work, after all!

Sound good?

Do you enjoy the position you’ve been given or would you prefer someone else's?

Position is important, status, not so much. I can’t help who I am, or where I aim to get to in life. I’m just a gal with aspirations. If you hate me for it, then so be it. Just don’t Tweet me on that!

With regards to my position with the Aquatic Research City tour, I’ve been given the most unbelievable opportunity to be part of a historic venture. State of the art technology meets an underwater paradise. There is an air of apprehension but I wouldn’t swap it for the world.

What was the scariest moment of your life?

It’s yet to come. If you read the story you’ll find it about half way through. My cameraman, Jason and I, come face to face with……I’m not sure I should say anymore. It will spoil the surprise.

You just won the lottery, what is the first thing you'll buy?

My own moon (laughs) and I’d build a spaceship so I can travel there whenever I feel the urge. And just so the passengers can argue, just like on Star Wars, whether it’s a moon or a space station.

On a serious note, it would have to be a Shooter, one of the Aquatic Research City’s own water propulsion transport units. They ride the waves and aquatic realm of the ARC. Imagine a roller coaster ride under the sea.

And I’ve watched Pimp my Ride. Can you pimp a Shooter? That would be amazing.

Earlier on in your career, you were one of the main stars in the ratings winning aquatic adventure television series, “What’s below, we’ll never know.” So, who would be the ideal actress to take your part in the movie of Sharc?

Lauren Ramsey as Blaine Munroe,
What's Below we'll never know

I’ve seen the book trailer and Blake Lively appears to be a good resemblance. I’m happy with that, and isn’t she married to Ryan Reynolds now? Maybe we could swap lives for a few days (laughs).

And if Blake happens to be busy?

Then I’d make sure I clear her schedule (laughs).

If you had to choose, what song do you think represents your character?

I’d have to say Burn it to the Ground by Nickleback. The song reminds me a little of how hectic my life can be. “Ticking like a time bomb and drinking till the night comes.”

And here I was thinking you were a good girl.

I am, only, I might look like an angel on the outside but deep down I’m a wild child at heart.

I tend to let my emotions get the better of me, as anyone who dares read the story will find out and dive in and worry about the consequences later.

And what lies ahead for Lauren Ramsey?

Who knows, maybe I’ll be around long enough to star in the sequel?

So there you have it folks, Lauren Ramsey - babe, star and one cool chick. If you want to know more about Lauren, then purchase Sharc and join the ride.

Pictures with courtesy of and huge thanks to, Sinead La Bella -


Out Now.........August 29th 2012

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SHARC is rising from the depths in July & is sure to take a huge chunk out of your summer holiday.  Coming soon from TAYLOR STREET PUBLISHING.

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium reminds the author of how he envisaged the ARC. Above the waves, a magnificent city of industry and science. Below the waves, a tranquil realm filled with an abundance of enthralling marine life.

The Fort Fisher Aquarium in North Carolina. They have a Megalodon exhibit, the ARC houses the real thing.

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